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Uncharted Territory

Fizz Studio is an experiment.

I’ve never run my own startup before, and for the past decade, I’ve been focused on open standards rather than production software development. So, I’m learning a lot about the modern software development and business side of things.

And more importantly, accessible data visualization is still uncharted territory. There are plenty of techniques that have been attempted, from data-table alternative to sonification to haptics and tactiles, but they all have their tradeoffs.

We have a unique vision to set the standard, to change expectations for what it means to provide a truly equivalent experience of data exploration for people with disabilities. Whether we can realize that vision is yet to be seen, through a glass darkly.

Data visualizations are not pictures of data, they are user interfaces to data. The map is not the territory, it is a tool to navigate the territory.

This blog will be an exploration of the known, the unknown, and the experimental. We’ll share what we’ve learned, and invite you to teach us what you know and what you need.

By the end, our destination may not be where we thought it was, but we welcome you to come on this journey with us, across unknown waters and strange lands. We think the trip will be worthwhile.

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