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Charts, diagrams, and maps

Fizz Studio makes it easy to create and share delightful interactive data visualizations, whether you’re a programmer, designer, or just have a data story to tell.

Deliver your data

When you publish your charts and diagrams with Deep Graphics, you also distribute your data with no extra effort. Ideal for publishing, science, and education!

Conversational interfaces

Whether it’s a screen reader, a smart speaker, or a chat bot, our technology lets you ask questions and get answers from your data. Ask more from your charts!   

No vision required

Let your users know you care about them, whether they have a vision disability, or are just using a voice service. You have the vision, so they don’t need it.


If you have 508 compliance issues with your data visualizations or graphics, or just want to make sure you’re meeting the needs of all your customers, we can help you solve your problems.

Our team is acknowledged as world leaders and innovators in making dataviz accessible to people with disabilities, using Deep Graphics. Contact us now at if you need help making your data visualization project go beyond vision.

Authoring software

Fizz Studio will soon provide a new way for you to create and explore data visualizations and other information graphics. Computer vision, Deep Graphics, sonification, and more power in your hands!

If you’re interested in signing up for our alpha release when it’s available, send us a message at!

Deep Graphics

Accessibility made easy! Our unique Deep Graphics technology adds a layer of meaning and action behind the visual medium.

Whether your site uses WordPress, Drupal, or your own CMS, our Deep Graphics charting software provides a drop-in solution for your data accessibility requirements.

For a reasonable yearly or lifetime fee, you can have the peace of mind that the data on your website is reaching all your customers, and you’re meeting your ADA requirements.

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Open and Accessible

Fizz Studio is committed to making technology available to all, and that means that it must be open, accessible, and inclusive.

Open Source

Our core software libraries will be released under an open source license, and developed with an inclusive process and commitment to our community.

Open Standards

We are innovating on how to make data visualizations accessible, but we don’t plan to make our technology proprietary. We are leading a committee to standardize accessible dataviz, because a rising tide raises all ships.

Born Accessible

We strive not only to make all our content accessible, but to make our authoring environment accessible as well. Empowerment starts with the power to create.

Our Team

Caricature of Doug Schepers
Doug is a developer who defined Web technologies and standards at W3C for a decade, where he was inspired to found this next-generation project to make dataviz accessible.

Doug Schepers

Cartoon image of Megan Culler

Megan is a dedicated mapping expert and GIS developer, with a background in urban planning and statistics. She creates maps that are usable, useful, and human-centric. 

Megan Culler

Beth is a full stack software developer with extensive SaaS experience in the field of data collection and a love for developing software that makes a difference in people’s lives.

Beth REid

About us

Fizz Studio is a consultancy and software development startup focusing on making data visualizations accessible to all people, including people with vision disabilities. Oh, and also people who are machines.

We’re a small team of passionate experts. And we hope to grow… contact us if you want to help build the future of data visualization!

Where to find us

601 Caswell Rd, Suite B
Chapel Hill, NC 27514-2707

How to reach us​

phone: (919) 824-5482