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CSUN 2019

I’m excited to be speaking at the CSUN Conference on Disabilities this year!

My presentation, Data Verbalization: Accessible Charts and Diagrams, is scheduled for Friday, March 15, 2019 at 1:20 PM. It’s one of the last talks of the conference, but I promise you it will be worth sticking around for.

I have a whole new slide deck, with all new material on the cognitive aspects of why data visualizations work for sighted people, and considerations for making equivalent affordances for non-sighted people. If you liked my Invisible Visualizations talk, you’ll love my Data Verbalization presentation!

And I’ll also have a guest star, the inimitable Mark Sadecki, an old friend from W3C, and a sales engineer at my client, Compliance Sheriff.

I’ll be there for the whole conference, so if you see or hear me in the halls, come say hi! I’d love to talk with you. And I look forward to seeing you at my presentation, and joining you for discussions afterward.

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