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A11yDevs Meetup: Focus on ARIA!

Join us for our next A11yDevs event, Monday, November 18, 2019 at 6pm in Durham!

Joel Crawford-Smith: Intro to ARIA

ARIA can be an intimidating and confusing topic. Even its name “Accessible Rich Internet Applications” is scary. But it does not need to be. There are some aspects of it that are safe for beginners, which can be beneficial to the people who rely on ARIA.

We need to rethink ARIA. ARIA is not writing code for a computer. ARIA is about improving human communication. Humans make content and interfaces for each other. The computer is just a translator. If we break ARIA down into nouns, verbs, and adjectives we can think about ARIA as short sentences. And most importantly, we will test what our sentences sound like on the other side of the screen reader.

Bio: Joel is a Duke Web Accessibility Administrator.

Maria Lamardo: Focus Management

Lets go over focus and how you can manage it in your application.

Bio: Maria Lamardo is a Front-End Engineer at Pendo


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