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First A11y Meetup!

Join us for the first ever Triangle Accessibility event, Monday, August 26 at 6pm!

Curious about accessibility but aren’t sure where to start? Come learn the basics about web accessibility!

Sylvia Pellicore: Basic Accessibility Fundamentals

Bio: Sylvia speaks, writes, and teaches about accessibility, works as an accessibility coordinator, and also provides freelance accessibility consulting and training.

Phil Daquila: How We Talk About Accessibility

All accessibility advocates and professionals have to talk with others
about accessibility. Maybe that’s a colleague, or a boss, or an
organizational leader, or a corporate client, to get awareness,
understanding, and buy-in. You have to explain a complex social topic to
a mixed audience that wears many hats and have different levels of
understanding about technology and accessibility. This presentation will
briefly detail how to communicate many accessibility basics to a diverse

Bio: Phil Daquila, Digital Accessibility Consultant at Deque Systems. Phil spent many years in media production, before devoting himself to practicing accessibility in web development and user experience. He honed his skills at UNC-CH before taking a job with Deque, one of the most well-renowned accessibility consultancies in the world. He is interested in the tactical and strategic aspects of digital accessibility, in higher education and in corporate business.

Joel Crawford-Smith: Intro to ARIA

Joel has rescheduled… stay tuned!


6:00 pm – Pizza / Networking
6:30 pm – Intro
6:45 pm – Basic Accessibility Fundamentals
7:15 pm – Break
7:30 pm – How We Talk About Accessibility
8:00 pm – Networking

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